Online Incomes: How to Learn SEO Without YouTube!

My first search on how to create an online income was, for me, a transformative moment. I went into the search eager to jump on board the Amazon e-store and dropshipping craze and ended spending a significant amount of time learning how to become a real estate mogul with no money down! My detour from Amazon to Airbnb to multi-family ownership was an easy choice to make. After all, there were hundreds of videos on YouTube telling me how easy it was and with little to no risk. All I had to do was to watch these 20 year old entrepreneurs unveil, for free, their hidden secret to making money. Massive amounts of money. In fact, many of them had so much money, they had it stacked it in clear view of the camera!

Yes, I am being facetious. My journey to wealth ended abruptly when the 22 year old millionaire I had been following showed up in crypto currency video a few weeks later. Who knew this young kid who seemingly spent most of his time in the gym was an expert into crypto trading as well. Sure enough he has shown up in yet another unrelated video using the same set with another unrelated script. It was quite disappointing to learn how blind I had been. Despite having decades on this kid, my commonsense had been blinded by my desire for instant wealth.

The moral here is that making money is never easy, regardless of what you you may find online. These paid advertisements are the online careers of influencers that are peddling any product they can for a commission or advertising opportunities. I commend them for their efforts them but did walk away humbled and embarrassed to realize I was there dupe. With online incomes highly sought after, now is the time to focus your search, do your homework and take the necessary steps.

First, understand that very little in life is free including starting an online store (dropshipping or not), buying real estate or marketing a new product. Regardless of the route you take, plan on investing some capital into the endeavor and then add 25%. This doesn’t mean it has to be a lot of money but going into an online career while being afraid to invest any money is a bad start. After you accept this reality, you need to understand the hard work that is to come. For most, the best route should not be focused on instant wealth but instead, a respectable online income.

Taking a step back from the edge of instant money, let’s consider this concept of online income. First, you should make a plan.

  • What interest you?
  • What talents do you have to offer?
  • How much time can you devote?
  • How much money can you invest?

Your ultimate path needs to start with what interest you in the online world. Next you need to see what opportunities exist, the income potential and then how difficult is it to get started. These initial steps will open your eyes to the good and bad sides of venturing off on your own. The first realization will probably relate to the amount of work required. This is a rude awakening for most but necessary as the overhyped “easiness” needs to be dispelled in order to find success. With many online careers, the work gets easier over time after you have established yourself and found your niche.

My first income online came from writing blogs, website SEO and other small writing tasks from online job sites such as UpWork. Keep in mind, when I say small, I mean small pay, not small work. I would write an E-book for $20, blog article for $5 or website SEO updates for $10. These were all for the purpose of developing a client list, establishing a portfolio and testing my skills against the competition. What I learned was invaluable and pushed me to fine tune some of my research to help develop the skills needed.

Avoiding the YouTube influencers, I did not give up on YouTube entirely but instead, focused on videos made by career professionals. It did not matter whether they were trying to make a buck off of me or were simply trying to share their wisdom. The key was that they actually practiced what they preached. You will recognize the videos that are shot from their office, home or vacant conference room. Just avoid the ones with self-promoting posters hanging in the background, tropical mansions or pricey vehicles visible in the frame. By listening to those who use these skills in real life, you will not only learn valuable insight, you can be assured that the information they are providing is useable.

Ultimate E-Book Creator
Ultimate E-Book Creator

Next, I read e-books. I figured that anyone that took the time to write an e-book, has at least a reasonable amount of interest and knowledge in the subject. As a side note, many professionals can write an e-book about their specialty with little or no research. It is surprising how easy 10,000 words can be when the research is in your head. If you want to give it a try, utilize an all-in-one program such as Ultimate E-Book Creator that can have your e-book on sale in no time. This easy software works with all of the major publishers including Kindle.

As an example, I found a lot of firsthand insight and tips from books like “Effective SEO and Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Maximizing Free Web Traffic“. Nicholas Papagiannis provides simplified tips in trying to tap into the holy grail of e-commerce, free web traffic. This is huge to new startup projects as advertising is not only costly, it may be wasted unless you know how best to utilize it. Search thousands of titles through a marketplace like Kindle or <a rel=”noreferrer noopener” href=”http://<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Find low priced college textbooks easily at!</a>

Once you have done some research, put it to use and test your skills. This is the hard part and where you need to show patience, learn as if your a student and continually improve. For purposes of this article, I use SEO, e-marketing and eBooks as examples but there are many more opportunities. I have found these to have the largest demand and best opportunity. Regardless, ignore the hype and put in the work needed to both learn your trade and build a resume. Start small and leave your ego behind.

Beyond SEO, e-marketing and other copywriting jobs which your working to develop your own “brand”, there are ready-made options that leaves the guess work out. I mentioned Upwork earlier but that site can be crowded with high fees and serious competition. If your looking for administrative work to fill your free hours and provide an additional source of income, you can try This site will have you quickly up and running as and office assistant performing data entry, filing, writing tasks, mystery shopping, etc. Just understand that all-in-one sites make their money by charging a fees on your income. For more specific tailored jobs for online writing (there are a ton of opportunities) try

The goal for most people looking for an online income, should be to supplement what you have and then gradual move to deeper water. The idea of quitting your current job and working online is not only difficult, it might be irresponsible. Valuable work related benefits such as health insurance are pricey with and employer sharing the cost. There are also tax implications to consider.

None of these comments are meant to scare you off from pursuing an online career. Instead, they represent reality versus what the influencers try to sell. Your research will be more valuable than anything I or anyone else can teach and why it is absolutely critical to perform your own due diligence. The greatest aspect of an online income is, despite the hard work, you are your own boss and can tailor your career to what works best.

Good luck!

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