Office Suite Software That Won’t Break Your Home Office Budget

OfficeSuite by Mobisystems
OfficeSuite by Mobisystems

With the trend leaning toward online incomes, side hustles/gigs and home offices, controlling costs needs to be a major focus for any new venture. In my article, Best Online Incomes- SEO, E-Marketing and Copywriting, I discuss some of the benefits of an online income but after reading some comments, one recurring issue kept coming up. Is there a sophisticated option to the expensive Microsoft Office suite but more substantial than the free options available such as Google Docs?

This lead me to a basic question: If we aren’t tied to working in the corporate world, why are we tied to the corporate world’s software? It was intriguing enough for me to do some research and to my surprise, I discovered a really substantial office product for PC’s that comes in around half the price of the big names. When making the break from a typical office or starting a side hustle that hasn’t made you any money yet, a 50% savings is enormous.

Currently hidden from the spotlight in the US but wildly popular in over 195 countries, 20 year software veteran, Mobisystems, offers “OfficeSuite“, a thoughtfully packaged and thankfully familiar product. They implement a very recognizable desktop interface, similar to what you have been using for years, allowing instant start-up.

With over 300 million users worldwide, OfficeSuite is no lightweight and provides you with all the necessary tools in a free version including word processing, spreadsheets, email, presentation builder and PDF utility. However, for a ton of additional options including changing themes, adding columns, password protecting, exporting to PDF, OfficeSuite is easily upgradeable with no long term commitment and a very small price tag.

OfficeSuite Products Included
OfficeSuite Products Included

The resemblance to Microsoft Office is not an accident and while I found it a little curious how even the apps resembled their counterparts, I was grateful for how seamlessly a Word document opened in Documents, Mobisytems word processer. The same goes for Sheets, Slides, Mail and PDF which are all 100% compatible with Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. With each program supporting dozens of the most popular file types, there is no concern of losing projects already in the works or sharing with others.

File Types

With a modern appearance full of easily readable menus, toolbars and icons, those who are not familiar with Microsoft Office and other comparable suites will easily learn OfficeSuite’s user friendly interface. I did not have the chance to use the mobile versions but there are free downloads for both Android and iOS devices. Based on the PC version, I am confident you will find the mobile versions to be just as efficient.

For those not wanting to change any cloud based accounts such as DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive or OneDrive, they can link and access them from MobiDrive. This cloud service comes with 50GB of storage that allows you to work from anywhere.

Cloud Services Compatibility

Being so similar to the big names out there, the primary difference is not in the functionality, design or product capabilities and really differentiates itself with the price tag. With the goal of finding a full solution for less, OfficeSuite comes in at $29.99 annually for their 1 personal use plan. This compares to the hefty $69.99 annual Microsoft Office subscription. There is also a commercial option which comes at a 1 time price of $99.99 along with the commercial license.

Comparison to Microsoft Office

So as we think “out of the box” career-wise, we need to implement this mentality throughout and leave the old mentality behind. Microsoft Office is a great product for the corporate world but for the rest of us, comes bloated with unnecessary apps, features and a name brand that leads to a steep price tag. For half the price, MobiSystems OfficeSuite is a far more competitive product than I ever expected when starting this research and offers the chance to further break the mold.

Cloud Service Compatibility

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